I am one of your two representatives in the Vermont House and am running for reelection. My name will appear on the November ballot with both “Democrat” and “Republican” in front of it. I am a Democrat but enough Republicans wrote my name in on their primary ballots to allow me to run representing both parties. I gratefully accept their vote of confidence in me.

There are several reasons why Republicans voted for me. I do not hide that I am a Democrat and may not always agree with Republican positions, but I firmly believe that I represent everyone in Barre City and not just those who agree with me. A good idea is a good idea no matter who comes up with it, and I will back good ideas.

My litmus test for an idea is based on data, not ideology. The ultimate test is whether that idea will improve Vermonters’ lives. And if I disagree, I will argue the merits of the idea instead of attacking the person. The Republicans who know me also know that I will listen to anyone and everyone.
In fact, I invite you to join in on any discussions on my facebook page: Feel free to disagree; I only ask that we all be respectful and use common courtesy.

I ask for your support in November.


Rep. Tommy Walz